Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Question

How much caffeine is too much? For example, I've started the habit of having a cup of coffee when I first get into work. Then I have the issue of being constantly frozen, and therefore to achieve warmth I will drink cup after cup after cup of tea. This morning, without realizing, all those cups of tea were caffeinated. I feel borderline unwell at the moment. All shaky and crazy, like a boarding school kid who snorted too much adderall. (See, even my anaolgies are all out of whack!)

The caffeine combined with the large size of my computer screen and hours spent staring at it are making for one helluva headache/brain warp/confused state of being.

So not meant to sit at a cubicle for 12 hours a day...


Anonymous said...

I drink an iced latte and six diet cokes on a daily basis. You're fine. Plus, caffeine is an appetite-surpressor...and this is LA afterall.

Dani K said...

Three cups is my max. And it's less about my raising my anxiety level and more because my bladder is kind of small.