Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Way Life Should Be

Tonight, at 11:30 pm I am taking off for MAINE (via Washington DC and a really annoying almost 2-hour layover). I am SO EXCITED. OMG. SO. EXCITED. SO.

I’ve been counting down the days to my trip to the GREAT STATE for what feels like forever. I haven’t been home since Christmas and couldn’t be more thrilled to take a 4 day vacation to Vacationland.

The thing I am most excited for? An Italian. I am not talking about some random man of European descent I might come upon wandering the streets of Portland. I am talking about a sandwich. And not just any sandwich. THE BEST SANDWICH EVER. EVER.

The Italian is the perfect combination of the following:

Sub roll
American Cheese
Green peppers
Salt & Pepper
a little bit of oil & vinegar
and a lot of perfection

Most people also get theirs with onions and tomatoes, but I choose not to. The other debate is regarding the olives because the Italian seller of my youth, Town Landing Market, down the street, makes their Italians with black olives whereas Maine’s favorite chain sub-and-pizza shop Amato’s uses kalamta olives. I think I prefer Town Landing, but mostly for the idyllic setting and nostalgia.

In any event, my mouth is salivating at the mere thought of this delectable taste of heaven and I’ve instructed my father to pick up at the airport, sandwich in hand, and I don’t care that it’s 10 am and I haven’t eaten since I was in LA, I WANT THE SANDWICH.

Other Maine treats I can’t wait for? Too many to count. (Worth mentioning are fresh blueberries, fresh seafood, homemade Moose Tracks ice cream, Moxie, and really just oh so many Italian sandwiches).

True to the large sign you pass on I-295 heading North from Boston: Maine, The Way Life Should Be.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the trip home, Annie. But you left out one important ingredient in the Italian (we always called it an "I-tie" --- less time wasted when you REALLY need one). That one missing thing is the afterburn. You know, the belch that generously brings it all back around for the second time.

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