Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Smell A. Get it? Rhymes with LA? What I am trying to say here is I never before notice how incredibly perfect Maine smells. That is, until I lived in LA. All weekend in Maine I just couldn’t believe what a breath of fresh air that place is! Even the stinky sulphuric salt marsh smells divine! That’s not to say that LA smells bad, although certainly parts of it do (like outside Benitos Tacos on Santa Monica Blvd and Federal, located just south of the site of Car Accident #1), but I guess Maine just smells so damn good I was acutely aware of its perfectly pungent aromas all weekend long.

On a side note I found it entertaining that when in LA it's almost inescapable to escape multitudes of Spanish-speakers while lounging at the beach. When in Maine? French Canadians everywhere. Seriously everywhere. Kind of incredible.

They say you can never go home again (not sure who says that and why) however, I beg to disagree. Going home was fantastic and sure it’s always going to be a little different but the truth of the matter is that going home is one of the best experiences I have nowadays. Not sure where that ranks on the pathetic scale, but I know I had a great weekend and am already doing the countdown until Christmas.

Seriously though... the way Maine smells? I just wish I could bottle it up and take it with me everywhere.

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