Friday, August 15, 2008

Where Have All the Children Gone?

Okay I know it's late summer and all, and a particularly icky August for those New Yorkers out there, and probably a lot of people are vacationing right now, or pretend vacationing (aka day dreaming while at their cubicles... aka me), but WHERE have all my readers gone? Seriously!

Is it me? It could be, I know that. I mean, since I've started the new job I would say posting has been somewhat lack luster. But in the past week I feel as though I've made a roundabout effort, zeroing in on such themes as Hot Tamale love and inspecting the contents of my garbage can, among other things. So while I am out here posting away every day, potentially endangering my career, procrastinating my work, and really just pouring out my hopes, thoughts, and dreams to the anonymous readers of the interwebs, you all just need to get ON BOARD. By which I mean you really need to start emailing Jaw Wired Shut to EVERYONE YOU KNOW RIGHT NOW.

Seriously. I want to see today's page views sky rocket up to 100. All it takes is a conversation or an IM--"oh hey check out this blog it's so cool" or "Wow this chick Annie is a fucking genius and I WISH I were only as smart and as cool as her" or maybe "yo that Stamos girl is painfully annoying, read this shit and then let's make fun of her" or "my friend Ann told me to tell people to read her blog so here it is" and you get the idea.

Great, thanks.

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