Sunday, September 28, 2008

California's State Motto (and other thoughts)

Too many people.


I firmly believe this accurately describes the state of California. Too many people. This weekend I found this most frustrating whenever in situations where a car was involved. No matter what day of the week, what time of the day, or what part of the city--there is always traffic and it is always quite difficult to find a place to park. Yes, thank goodness for Santa Monica--because the truth is I haven't moved my car since I pulled into my parking spot Friday after work, however, while driving with Friends over the weekend, it was definitely quite apparent that the roads are overflowing with very rude Los Angeleno drivers who seem to have a high rate of road rage. Saturday morning for example I was driving to a spinning class at my gym (oh yeah, I did move my car that once) and was crossing a street before some dude who was turning onto the road I was traveling on--because I happened to be moving slower than him, he proceed to lay on his horn. This wasn't just a quick HONK, my friends, on no he really laid it on there. Then, a cab pulled out of a hotel and pulled in front of him and he laid on the horn again. Then, when at a stoplight, he pulled into the right line, only so he could pass me and the cab when the light turned green again.

And, as I dreaded, this very angry driver pulled into the Equinox parking garage. And as I suspected, just a few minutes after I had selected a bike in the spin room, this very angry driver walked in and selected a bike just two seats away from mine.

I can't say I wasn't tempted to tap him on the shoulder and give him a lecture about road rage, and anger, and karma, however I noticed he really seemed to be struggling with the whole spinning thing, so I thought--whatever--not worth it. Maybe he'll blow of some steam exercising. But really--all that road rage is so unnecessary!

I will say this about California--it definitely feels like Fall. Sure it's nothing like the falls I love back East, but it is nice--a little cooler, a little crisper, a few leaves actually change, and the pace of life seems to slow a little bit. I think that might be different from the East Coast, but I am certainly noticing that my weekends are moving at a lower speed. And it's fantastic.

Somehow I slept until noon Sunday. Then I took my sweet time waking up. Then enjoyed a lovely afternoon at the Abott Kinney Festival in Venice. No rush, no limits, no pressure--no need to get anywhere else. Perfection.

Despite the road rage and too many people, California weekends reign supreme.

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