Thursday, September 04, 2008


So you might have noticed something a little bit different about the blog today... I changed the color of the post titles! WOO! No no, of course I am referring to that GIANT photo of that mouth and those nasty-ass braces (neither of which are mine, BTW). Yes I thought I would try some new things out... maybe make a few changes, try to make the lovely Jaw Wired Shut appear a little more interesting. You know--spice things up a bit! For the 20 of you still reading this. Seriously though, what happened? I was going from massive readership down to the few, the strong and the brave. Come on people. SPREAD THE WORD. Tell your friends what a fun way this blog wastes your time! Because it always wastes my time! YEAH!

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Anonymous said...

To accompany your "Ch-ch-ch-chaaaaanges", here's a great rendition of the tune, sung by my good friend Storm Large (real name) on CBS's Rockstar Supernova a coupla years ago. Except for the super-talented contestants, the show was a notorious example of Hollywoo's self-indulgence. Hosted and judged by the likes of Tommy Lee? Puleeze! But then there came Stormy... YouTube > search > Storm Large. Pick any tune, but "Changes" is my fave.