Thursday, September 04, 2008

Cool it on the collar, Cindy.

Okay I pop my collar every now and then, I do. I won't lie. Blame it on my East Coast upbringing. Blame it on the ridiculous homogenous dress of my alma mater Middlebury College. Better yet, blame my mother who popped her collar since the day I was born (and long before that). Monkey see monkey do.

However, I do not, and would not, pop my collar in this fashion (thank you Cindy McCain):

You look like She-Dracula. Darth Vader also comes to mind... Seriously though, the Republican National Convention is not an audition for Blade Runner 2 (or is it? You know it could be...).

Oh and apparently that future-looking rain coat (or whatever) cost three hundred times more than my monthly salary (or something). Awesome.

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