Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Christmas List

I realize it isn't even October yet and therefore the only holiday currently entertaining people's thoughts (if any) is Halloween (which PS I still have to spell out musically using that goddamn song we learned in 4th grade, "H-A Double L-O, W Double-E-N-spells Halloween) however with my dad's visit this weeken, talk of Christmas came up. Early, yes, I know, but unavoidable when you are a struggling assistant and can only really look forward to big ticket items on major holidays and therefore discuss such wants when a parent is in town. Some items likely to show up on my list this year: a bike, pilates classes, gas money. I'd like to add this:

Seriously. I'd be the coolest kid at school. By school I mean work. Can't you just imagine that sweet R2D2 watch on my arm? All the other kids would be SO jealous.

On another note, family friends in Maine continue to give me a hard time for the period of my life (translation: since birth) when I would create highly itemized and specific Christmas lists for my mother (I only wanted to make her shopping experience easy, okay?). I had categories, sub-categories, preferred stores, brands, sizes, colors--you name it. I even had one page I called "miscellaneous" where each year similar things would show up:

Karaoke machine
Trip to Euro Disney
Black Ford Explorer

(You know the year they closed Euro Disney for banktrupcy issues or something happend to be the year we were going to France and I actually wrote a letter to the head of Euro Disney to please keep it open. For me. I had some seriously grand delusions as a child.)

While my love for the SUV, Disney and the karaoke machine rotated in and out with other large items (other cars, technology, small countries), I asked for a trampoline EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Even though every other family in my town, and just about all of my close friends, had them and I could always use one if so-desired, I wanted nothing more than a trampoline to call my own. I never got one, and I have to say, despite the obvious safety issues and the fact that now a trampoline would make little to no sense, a part of me still wants one.

So let's throw that on the list too.

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