Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Everybody's Doin It!


Seriously. I am constantly finding out more and more that people I know are blogging and I think it is great. First of all, it makes me feel like less of a jackass. Second of all, I love the idea that people everywhere are using blogs as a forum to explore their interests, irregardless of popular convention. That is to say, I often wonder if there aren't more people blogging because of a general shared fear of what other people might think (clearly a characteristic in which I am lacking). I think I could look at each and every one of my friends and think of some ways they could use a blog.

Anyway, here's a friends blog you should check out, especially if you enjoy golf and clothing (I enjoy both. Moreso clothing than golf, but I appreciate the golf look).

The Khaki Crusader

I've also recently become addicted to this blog Style Rookie that's written by Tavi, a 12-year-old who writes with so much intelligence, wit, and serious artistry I'm seriously jealous (also jealous of all her press--The New York Times to boot). Check it out.

And I highly encourage people to take up blogging.

Actually, no don't. I don't want any competition. (Insert fake smiley emoticon here).

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