Thursday, September 25, 2008

Future Outlook is Bleak

I just went to CNN. Take a look at the front page (click on screencap for larger image):

The next thought that crossed my mind was, wow. Wow we are really in the shitter. The economy is looking like The Great Depression Part Deux, the Polar Bears are dying and the ice caps are melting, Bill Clinton lavishes praise on McCain (WHAT???), pirates are on the loose again in the Ukraine, and some little kid who's destined to be really screwed up in a few years's Mom staged a "hot bod"contest for other kids.

I mean.... All that is really, really, really depressing. (Except for the pirates thing. Pirates are fun. And if they look like Johnny Depp, really hot.)

I almost wish the LHC had worked and sucked everyone into a black hole. And what am I contributing to society while I sit at a little desk all day and stare at a computer screen and spend half my time complaining about the supreme shittyness of Windows Vista? I am contributing nothing. Absolutely nothing. And let me stop myself before I have yet another existential crisis, but HOLY SHIT can someone create some sort of happy news source where you can read all about the wonderful things happening in the world? Occasionally CNN has something, but I am even nervous to click on that link about the 3,000 year old discovery in Egpyt because it's probably just someone who predicted the end of the world or something.


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