Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy One Year Anniversary, to me!

Yes, just a year ago today I arrived in the great city of Los Angeles. Naive and unaware, I drove through Studio City, Burbank, Hollywood, to arrive at my temporary destination of West Hollywood, adorned in my J. Crew best. And pearls. Always pearls. (I could not have been less LA if I tried).

Flash forward a year, I am still wearing my pearls but I've clearly got a little more LA in me (see: Peace sign on my necklace, and scarf--even though it's the equivalent to a Maine summer outside). I am also really whiny that we only close at 3 pm on Rosh Hashana, and same for Yom Kippur (come on, HR--the Jews can't eat at all that day, can't we just close?). I also feel like a year's worth of getting your ass handed to you in the Entertainment Industry has been quite a schooling, and my innocence a year ago today is even more apparent. And like most who've suffered some time in the real world--I'm more jaded and bitter. Finally, like many others with a liberal arts education and a general wanderlust, I've determined that certainly the only career-choice that might really suit me is that of a self-involved mediocre writer. OH THE PLACES I'VE GONE!

That is to say, my how I've grown up. I guess my Freshmen year in the real world is over, which kind of sucks (especially because I will be turning a quarter-century in January) but I like to think that I can look forward to everything getting bigger and better from here on out, my paychecks included.

And to prove that I never really change that much, I am going to spend some time shopping J. Crew online--I've got a gift certificate and so many cardigans yet to be bought.

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