Thursday, September 18, 2008

I love Mao

Not really. (I'm hardly a Communist. I say hardly because it's been awhile since I've studied the tenants of Communism and I imagine with any religion, doctrine, belief, etc you can always find something you agree with. Except that shrewish VP candidate on the Republican ticket who's name I REFUSE to mention because I will NOT add to the excessive internet/media buzz about her.) But I do love this new restaurant I went to last night in Venice called Mao's Kitchen. Beyond having delicious and seemingly healthy (aka non-greasy) Chinese food, cool decor, and a very chill vibe, I think I can sum up my love for this joint with a specific menu item:

One dollar salad. ($1)

Yep. They had a delicious salad for ONE DOLLAR. This fits in nicely with my "I'm poor" lifestyle. Also--it's BYOB which I always approve of.

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