Friday, September 19, 2008

YES Free Meals

My dad's in town this weekend and the consecutive stream of free meals that consist of real food (aka not Lean Cuisine, eggs, or soup) has ALREADY begun with a lovely lunch today. It reminds me of college when it was parents weekend and you ate out for every meal and everywhere you could possibly envision as phenemonally expensive (aka, costs more than the dining hall). Well, I like to think I am a freshman in the college of life (CHEESE ALERT) so I am going to continue to bank on parental meals. I mean, isn't it a parent's inherent DUTY to provide for their child? I like to think so. Even when they are almost 25, in the "real world" and have a job. Speaking of which, will you take me grocery shopping too?

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Cakemaster said...

At least the college lifestyle teaches you how to be more thrifty...?