Monday, September 22, 2008


I cannot believe here it is 5:23 pm on Monday and I haven't even said hello. (HELLO).


How about a lil weekend update while I chomp on this delicious and almost perfectly white peach? I know what you are thinking. You are thinking OMG ANNIE STAMOS (made up last name FYI) you are eating a peach? You spend your coveted money on peaches? NO I DON'T. But my dad, Jon Stamos does. And that's right folks... in addition to a weekend of free meals I lucked out with one helluva grocery shopping trip to the local Pavillions, courtesy Dad.

Other weekend highlights include the 30 mile bike ride I went on Saturday. Yes, 30 miles. It was completely uninentional (hence the severe and awkward sunburned tan lines on my right shoulder) but the perfect sunny LA day to ride from Santa Monica to Hermosa, have some lunch on the pier, then ride bike. And, I am totally hooked on bike riding. Which is awesome because I am actually a MISERABLE bike rider (this dates back to a scarring experience when I went to summer camp in Mexico and was forced to go on crazy bike rides sans helmet and on these very steep narrow roads with large trucks passing us and I just remember wanting to close my eyes and cry the whole time) but seriously YOU GUYS bike riding was AWESOME and I am a convert.

I also did a long rollerblade trip yesterday (so Cali, ew) but not as intense though because rollerblading 30 miles would be far less enjoyable. I think I still did 8 miles (need to brag, okay?) and really just had to get a glimpse of the Venice Sunday 5 pm drum circle (so weird).

Yeah so this weekend was all about OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES which was awesome and LA is really the perfect place for such fun. Although now I am feeling a bit out of sorts and like maybe there were things I didn't do that maybe I need to do, but let's be honest--that's not true.

What else... Oh the Emmys... yeah well... I watched them. Thought the fashion choices were lackluster, the jokes stale, and overall a snoozefest. However I am SUCH a sucker for those award shows and regrettably I must say I watched the entire thing. ENTIRE THING. Blech. There are 3 hours of my life I will never get back. I sort of think since I've moved out here and have been exposed to the Hollywood scene I am growing increasingly adverse to such self-congratulatory events. (But don't mind me while I self-congratulate any second I get.)

That's all she wrote folks... and for REAL I promise to kick it into a higher gear this week. Ok?


Cakemaster said...

The Emmys were on?
I never pay attention to those awards things-- I just don't think they matter.
30 MILES? and 8 MILES? are you a beast or something? Or am I just pathetically out of shape?

Annie said...

Haha, I am no beast... but it was no small feat either!