Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gimme a Game Cube, Pleaaase

That Mario video set my mind spinning, longing for the days when if I couldn't really muster up interest in anything else to do I would spend hours upon hours playing MarioKart Double Dash or the Sonic Mega Collection on the Nintendo Game Cube. I think I love Sonic more than Mario, but when it comes down to it--I love them both and am suddenly experiencing a severe craving to play both these games.

My brother keeps telling me I need to just get a Wii because all the Game Cube games work on that, but what my dear brother forgets is that I have little to no money (closer to no right now) and a Wii is way down on my list of things I need to buy (near the top: food, beverage, more money, self-dignity, mail order boyfriend, cortozone cream). However, I keep forgetting about EBAY!

I have bought two things on eBay:

(1) A pair of jeans
(2) A giant (seriously giant, like movie theater giant) poster for The 40 Year-Old Virgin that hung on a wall of the living room of my suite my senior year at college

Both great purchases, however I am still somewhat skeptical about buying things on eBay. I always get nervous that once I buy it I won't ever be seeing my money ever again. However I did some digging around and it appears there are lots of Game Cubes available for purchase, prices ranging from around $20 to $100, depending on the condition, the number of games, controllers, etc. Thing is, I really just want those two games, and I really only need maybe 2 controllers (although three would be ideal as I have two roommates) and I really don't want to have to endure the stress and anxiety of eBay. And thus the following text:

Aren't I adorable? (Ignore for a minute the fact that I am 24 and think how precious I am. You wouldn't deny me the Game Cube, now, would you?)

I am waiting in suspense for his response, which will likely never come but I am holding onto some hope. There's a fair chance he'll laugh and think to himself NEVER. Or maybe he'll agree to it but then never get around to sending to me. Oh but what a marvel it would be to have that Game Cube... it might suck away my life force and alienate my friends but oh boy I would be seriously stoked!

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