Monday, October 27, 2008

A study in LA's public transportation

Rumor: Los Angeles does not have a subway system
FALSE. It does. And it is good. And clean. And eerily empty.

Also, taking the bus in LA is a cost effective way to get to places where you will be spending lots of money on drinks and even more money for the late night cab ride home. It is also an effective way to better acquaint yourself with some of the city’s homeless population. And, due to the length of time it might take to travel from say, Santa Monica, to, say, downtown, it’s an excellent opportunity to drink a lot of alcohol, so that when arriving at the intended destination less money might be spent.

Oh, but the subway system—yes, yes, it does exist! And after a lovely hour-long bus ride Saturday night I was exposed to the also-lovely metro that can be found in downtown LA. I felt like I was back in NYC, or Boston, or really—as though I was studying abroad. The whole thing was so foreign to me, and in a part of the city I do not know AT ALL, that it really was as though we were a bunch of kids using some quality metro time to get from place to place. It was odd to be taking a subway that was so sparsely populated.

I will say that taking the bus and the subway in one night reminded me that all you really need to get around is about $3. Vodka doesn’t hurt either.

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