Thursday, October 23, 2008

Um, yes

I was recently turned onto to Michael Ian Black's blog and let me tell you, IT IS FABULOUS. It makes me cry and vomit at once, mostly because I AM SO ENVIOUS. (Jealousy is a funny thing my friends... very, very funny. AND TRICKY TOO.) Anyway, I especially appreciate his most recent post, "I Am Not a Real American" in which the final outcome is really that Michael Ian Black hates freedom. Which is awesome. Because I too hate freedom.

Look at this snippet, where Monsieur Black (you know the French also hate freedom) discusses the new theme in American political rhetoric wherein one "side" criticizes the other of being "anti-America" (aka Sarah Palin referencing the pro-American parts of the country aka Sarah Palin once again showing everyone she has no brain. Nope, none.) and he is now asserting him self as belonging to the "side" that is anti. See the following:

For example, I read the New York Times. Not once in a while. Every day. I thought I did this because I enjoy knowing what’s going on in the world, but now I know that I read that newspaper because I hate America.

OMG Michael Ian Black I AM SO right there with you. I read the NYT, HuffPo, CNN, WSJ, and actually FOX News (I like to know the mindset of the ENEMY) EVERY SINGLE DAY. You are so impressed right now. And look, I even have like 1% Republican street cred because of the FOX news thing. Oh and also my grandfather is an Obama-hating, Palin-loving, questionably racist NRA gun-toting old dude who lives in Florida... so that’s something.

Anyway... don’t really remember the point of this post... just check out the hilarity of that dude’s blog AND KEEP READING MY BLOG because some day maybe Michael Ian Black will blog about my blog and be like OMG you guys Jaw Wired Shut is so funny it makes me want to cry and vomit with envy. WOW. What a wild and crazy world that would be.

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