Monday, October 06, 2008

Waxing Cheese

Mmm cheese... I am taking a moment this Monday to eat a savory snack of Babybel cheese, my new preference to string cheese (my former prefence to whatever cheese I previously devoured as a snack food). Not only is Babybel simply delicious, but I feel like I am in a chalet in Switzerland with every bite. That, and I am also returned to the days of my youth when the red wax that encased the cheese was pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Seriously. Does anyone else remember the cheese wax being a hot commodity during lunch time? I definitely do. And I was always pretty jealous of those of my friends who had a surplus of cheese wax. They got to do cool stuff with the wax, like make it into shapes. And stuff. Yeah. Cool.

Okay I'll get back to whatever I was doing before I took an odd trip down memory lane to the cheese wax place...

1 comment:

Cakemaster said...

AHH I'm too jealous. And yes, the wax is uber fun!