Friday, October 17, 2008

Yes, Please, Try to FIGHT ME

If you click on my previous post "I am not the same nationality as these monsters" you'll see the following comment.

First of all, who knew Al Jazeera had an Ohio affiliate?!?

Secondly, I think it is increbibly ignorant to categorize all Republicans as extreme racist, Christians. The took a microcosm of the Republican party and our exploiting the words of these blatantly prejudice people.

Let us not forget that a large portion of the Republican party is upperclass with high-level education.

By sharing this video, you are perpetuating the ignorance and bias.

Look, I was not categorizing all Republicans as extreme racist Christians. I never wrote that, I never said it, and I never even insinuated it. I am not perpetuating ignorance or bias--I am merely trying to expose it. All I said was that if I were a Republican or someone voting for McCain, I would be embarrassed--because these are the people who, like you, support that platform and it's not a group of people I would want to be associated with. Please re-read that very simple sentence.

In fact, this goes both ways, for example, as a Democrat voting for Obama I feel pretty embarrased after listening to a clip from the Howard Stern Show, during which voters in Harlem were asked why they were voting for Obama (as there is a claim that many black voters support him only because he is black), and the interviewer pretended that all of McCain's platform's were Obama's and these voters didn't know the difference. More than one talked about how they felt strongly for Obama because he was "pro-life and going to put more troops in Iraq." (Check out the clip here.) It's embarrassing.

My point with all these, is that daily I am shocked by the ignorance of so many in this country, be it black, white, or purple, Democrat, Repbulican, Libertarian. This sort of thing makes me ashamed to be an American--it's guilt by association. It's upsetting and unsettling--and I think as Americans we need to strive harder to teach those who need it. So to the "Anonymous" reader who wanted to remind me "that a large portion of the Republican party is upperclass with high-level education," why don't you spread that education to those who need it most? To your fellow Americans from all sides of the coin.

Secondly, a word to the wise (and to friends of mine who read the blog/comment) my stat counter allows me to see who is reading this and where--so while you've commented anonymously I can look at what time you posted and connect it to the time you looked at the blog(a location and IP address, which usually includes whatever business you work at). Just for the future when you choose to rant--you might want to take a little more time reading and thinking before you are the one perpetuating any misconceptions.

And finally, to quote SNL, Really? REALLY? Oh my God, are you serious? This is not the G-D New York Times people. This is the most ridiculous inconsequential blog ever, which has taken a slight political turn because we are 18 days away from the election and I can't help it, I just can't. Let me return now to the many more profound issues of sweating, Celine Dion, orthodontics, nostalgia for bad 80s television, and fickle obsessions with water coolers, cleanses, and hot tamales.

UGH. SERIOUSLY. Now I am going to pop out my Invisalign, chomp down on an apple, and just use all this as fuel to my fire when I am canvassing in Pahrump, Nevada tomorrow.

Good night and good luck.

ALSO, whatever jackass tried to advertise floss when commenting on "And now for something completely different," THANKS, I'M GOOD.

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