Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Adult Clothes

I've gotten about 5 compliments on my outfit today. Not to toot my own horn, but it's worth noting, primarily because today I happen to be wearing a reasonably nice-looking dress, tights, heels, a big necklace and even attempted to partially blow dry my hair which is something normally reserved for Saturday nights and days Obama is elected president (maybe I'll sneak into the bathroom in a second and take a pic of the current outfit for ya), but anyway... In response to one of my guy friends who complimented me (shocker: guys like dresses too?) I declared, "Thanks I am wearing adult clothes today."

First of all, it's a little weird that I responded with that, but since I've written about 500 posts establishing my weirdness factor; no surprise there.

Secondly, it's a sad truth if you compare my outfit between today and yesterday. We all know that Mondays are tough, and usually my clothing choices reflect that. By Tuesday I have my shit together so I can actually clothe myself in something reasonable. Yesterday I looked like I child, today I look like an adult.

And my final point (who knew I'd be taking a three-point introspective into clothing choices today), I really am tired of having to figure out how to dress for a company where it's a total mix between casual and business formal. I could seriously wear jeans one day and a ball gown the next, and no one would bat an eye. Well maybe a few people would bat eyes, because who wears a ball gown to work, but you get what I mean, right? God I miss college.

Ironically, when making my formal Christmas list for my family yesterday (more on that later), the only actual clothing items were two different Patagonia jackets. I could probably even wear those to work, with my ball gown underneath.

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