Monday, November 17, 2008

I didn't start the fire


I went swimming in the ocean on Saturday. What's that? Yes, I know Saturday was November 15th. And it was also in the low 90 degrees here in LA. And I went to Malibu, and I swam in the ocean and frolicked on the beach and saw dolphins and seals and lots of puppies and some unicorns and it was goddamn nature documentary (minus the unicorns, that was a lie).

While I'd like to take a moment and say, oooooh aaaaahh I just love California and its constant sun and fair weather, I think it's more fitting to describe the day as... apocalyptic. Beautiful and fun, sure. But definitely apocalyptic, thanks to yet another SoCal natural disaster.

That’s right folks, it’s fire season! So while the skies are filled with a haze of smoke and the air smells like a third world country, never fear—beach days and spectacular sunsets are here. Yay for Global Warming, screwing up everything but making sure I get my mid-November tan.

Stranger still was being on the beach as the sun began to set around 4 pm, driving home to Santa Monica, to look behind to see the sun redder than I ever thought possible, the sky filled with smoke, and the strange illusion that it was actually the water on fire.

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