Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tween Girl Fandom Crossover to take place? Dear God, I hope not.

From MTV Movies Blog:

‘Hills’ Star Audrina Patridge Confesses ‘Twilight’ Love, Campaigns For Role In Sequels

She’s one of reality television’s biggest stars, and a budding movie performer in her own right. But what does “The Hills” star Audrina Patridge really want?

“I want to meet an Edward!” the 23-year-old excitedly revealed to MTV News on the set of her new movie “Sorority Row,” where she shocked us by professing her love for “Twilight.”

“I’m obsessed. I love it. And I think the fourth book was the best,” she said, taking a stand against all the haters who decried “Breaking Dawn.” “I’m still on the bandwagon. I love that book.”

In fact, Audrina is so up on the series that she’s already campaigning to be a part of it, telling us she’d love to be thought of as a potential cast member for the next two adaptations.

“I would definitely love to play one of the vampires. I don’t know which one because there’s so many in the forth book that come in,” she enthused. “I’d have to go in and read all the vampires again and see which one I’d absolutely want to play, but I would love to [be a part of it]!”

She’s Team Edward all the way, but does Audrina Patridge have the right stuff to be in the “Twilight” movie? What do you think Twilighters? Is there a role you think she could play well? Would you want to see her alongside your beloved Edward and Bella? Sound off on your thoughts below!

Here are my thoughts: NO.

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