Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My PHGFIB is out of control

My inability to get any work done is pretty disgusting right now. This makes me nervous for the week leading up to Christmas/New Years/Best Two Weeks off from work ever.

I am counting down the hours until 1 pm when I get to leave work... considering reading the next Twilight book in a discrete manner... I mean it's taunting me right now... just sitting on my desk...

In other news, it's raining here and it is AWESOME. I plan on spending the afternoon curled up with a cup of tea.

AND IN OTHER NEWS, I am getting my haircut today. This people, is HUGE, because I am not going to Supercuts, oh no. And I am not even going to that cheap-o barber shop (for ladies too) in Venice that I went to last time, no my friends I am going to a REAL salon. OMG TOES SO EXCITED. Well sort of. Excited to have a haircut (I'm thinking LAYERS!) which I will immediately regret because my hair will be shorter/different/not the moviestar hairstyle I envisioned, and then I will hate when I have to pay over $60 for it. DUDE, being a girl SUCKS sometimes.


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