Monday, December 01, 2008

I'm Thankful We Get Another Vacation in Three Weeks

Good Morning all, and welcome back to what is sure to be a really long work-week.

Despite a lovely and restful Thanksgiving holiday, I feel like total ass right now after a mere three hours of sleep last night. Why a sudden 11th hour onslaught of insomnia after steady 8-hours-of-sleep-per-night? Ah yes, the typical back to work anxiety plagued me well into the night (or this morning, rather) as well as stressing over the fact that I am going to be turning 25 in a month (and I have yet to plan my big party or stop living in denial of my pathetically absent love-life) as well as deliberations over what I will wear to a tacky Christmas party this weekend (I am envisioning a lot of sequins).

Happy Thanksgiving too—I had intentions of posting over the weekend, however I spent the majority of my time reading the last two of the Twilight books or watching a lot of average movies. Actually, I saw two double features over the weekend. Of course, when I say double feature I mean that I paid for one movie and timed it precisely so I could sneak into another one just after, without paying. This worked quite well, except during the Four Christmases/Australia (worst movie ever) transition in which the president of Tom’s Shoes attempted to thank DiTonto for wearing her shoes, well DiTonto attempted to nonchalantly run/walk up the stairs without getting caught, and thus spurned nice president of ecologically-minded shoe company.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe we are so close to Christmas and that I really just have two weekends left in LA before I head back East. I am so excited for New York and Maine... however I am truly nervous for the cold weather, considering it was in the low 60s yesterday and I was wearing a down jacket. Now I’m embarrassed.

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