Monday, December 01, 2008

Visine Dreams

First, that would be an AWESOME name for a band. Wouldn't it? Visine Dreams! Shit I am claiming that RIGHT NOW so no one take it. DON'T.

Anyway, I was musing that my desk looks like my library carrel (how is that word actually spelled?) always did senior year of college... random magazine articles, stacks of paper, books, notepads, pages of typed prose with red markings everywhere, headphones, coffee cups, cell phone, water bottles, Visine... the works. Post-Holiday blues I guess? More like post-holiday deadline cramming. Seriously though, Visine is awesome. And I know it's probably REALLY bad for me to be dumping that shit in my eyes when they feel red and tired and kind of allergy-ish, but it helps, it helps!

And I keep dreaming of a future in which I am no longer doomed to stare at a computer screen all day, frying away my eyes, or at least if I am... it's because I am writing for fun (work) or something...

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