Monday, November 24, 2008

Victims of the Galvatron

In all my mooning over Twilight I have completely forgotten another weekend highlight, which would be the activities of Saturday night.

Around 5 pm I cracked open a bottle of wine (Oooh, Charles Shaw! I thought, before realizing it was Trader Joe's infamous Two Buck Chuck) and by 7:30 pm was headed to the first bar of the evening, in Venice. It was the start to quite an epic night, including a venture Downtown, extended sweaty dancing at our favorite Hollywood bar, oddly(perfectly?) named Happy Ending, and culminating with a late night stop at In N Out, where I realized I truly have lived here for more than a year when I can perfectly rattle off my order in a drunken state (Cheeseburger Protein Style, Fries Well Done). And by the way, when I tell other people we made this Venice-Downtown-Hollywood venture (in bed by 3 am), they look at me as if I told them I started the night in Boston, made a quick appearance in DC, then finished the evening in New York.

Anyway, the highlight of all this was, without question, the trek downtown, where rather than go to one of the many classy/hipster establishments, we met up for a birthday party at a... strip mall. Yep. There we were in Little Tokyo, at a karaoke bar with an odd combo theme of Christmas and a French dinner party. Seriously, there were Santa Clause hats adorning the walls yet all the Japanese waitresses--who spoke little to no English, which made it very difficult when ordering drinks, I might add--were wearing slutty French maid outfites. It was strange.

However this bar seems to have something of a following, if not for its incredible karaoke (all the music videos matched up with songs that appeared to be oddly gathered clips taken from a Japanese soap opera about roaming the street wandering... or something) but for its speciality drink THE GALVATRON. What is this Galvatron, you might wonder? Well, why should I explain it when you can learn all in this PHENOMENAL video. (Seriously, this vid is worth your while.)

In other news, Galvatrons appear to be quite harmful to your health, as we witnessed various participants in this drinking ritual succumb to its dangers later (i.e. drink throwing, vomiting against walls). But the song makes up for EVERYTHING.

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