Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I did it again...

I was about to walk out the door, and when I put on my jacket had a sudden revelation. Me and my strange outfit choices have STRUCK ONCE AGAIN.

Today's culprit:

Sperry Topsiders
Dark pink cordorouys
Blue Vineyard Vines belt (with fishies on it!)
White Polo
Gray Sweater
Bright yellow rain jacket

I could be dressed for:

a) America's Cup
b) foul weather
c) college
d) a 12 year old boy's birthday party

Mostly I just look like I am about to hop on a sailboat. Thing is, it's "jeans week" at work (pre-holiday celebration WOOHOO) or so I thought... turns out it's just the last two days before the holiday. My reasoning behind my super casual outfit was because my department can already wear jeans, and so I thought, GREAT I WILL JUST BE MY LOVELY CASUAL SELF which happens to translate to my favorite East Coast clothing (sailing attire). Last night I was wearing my duck boots around and contemplated them for today--probably less appropriate than boat shoes though.

I should probably just stick to wearing a lot of black/dressing like a New Yorker or something... these clothing identity crises are messing with my head. Well at least this nautical/prep school look is one-up from the LARP fiasco of last week...

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