Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Roommate Love

I have the best roommates in the world. I really do. Take last night for example. DiTonto decided to whip out her senior prom dress (which still fits her I should note--an impressive feat by anyone I know) which is bright red and sequined and a whole mountain of tulle and fancy. Annie happened to come home just as Ditonts was prancing around the apartment wearing it (and her fedora, I might add, that little hipster) after which Annie gave us our Christmas presents--tickets to see Elton John and Billy Joel together! Best part was the presentation--she played Bennie & the Jetts while she slyly gave us the good news (I at first thought she was maybe going to do an interpretative dance). Then Ditont busted out some hilarious notecards for us. And I... well, I... I was unprepared for this roomie love and my gift (which has yet to be ordered) was... not there. So it will have to wait for after the New Year. We then proceed to really embrace the Christmas spirit by watching The Ruins, an incredible bad/amazing movie about carnivorous vines and dumb tourists in Mexico. It was AWESOME.

The week before the holidays is TOUGH. I have moments feeling like I have a ton of work, and other moments where I am doing absolutely nothing. It's also the pre-holiday pre-travel rush of getting my act together. And it seems like there are a lot of birthdays this time of year, or at least for my friends (funny, what was going on 9 months previous...) so there's an abundance of celebrating to do.

You know it sucks being in your 20s and not making a whole lot of money, but it's truly a great time--living with friends, limited responsibilities, no homework... despite all the soup I am eating it is pretty great.

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