Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Immediately Regret That Decision

Okay so because I go to the gym about 4 days a week before work, I have to plan outfits the night before. Sometimes this takes me no time, and I can pull something good together, although a lot of times once I am at the gym and I put on my chosen clothes I am not the happiest with the selection but make do.

Today... it's bad. REALLY BAD. So much so that I warned my boss as she was walking in, she subsequently was appalled, and attempted to help me fix it, then said someone was going to have to buy me shoes during lunch.

I look like I am an extra on The Lord of the Rings, and not in a good way (is there a good way?). It's as though I've dressed for a LARP conference after work. I may as well scream "HELP ME OBI WAN YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!" (but as opposed to when I normally throw out that quote, I might actually be taken seriously).

All this begs the question, WHAT WAS I THINKING last night when I absentmindedly asked DiTonto to borrow a pair of brown boots (that look like riding boots/combat boots) and then throw a pair of BRIGHT GREEN CORDUROYS in my bag along with some loosey goosey hippie type flouncy button white button down shirt. The only saving grace is (maybe) the bright blue pashmina I am wearing as a scarf around my neck but hardly... dear GOD how could things have gone so wrong since yesterday?

That's it... I might not have any money but I can't go the whole day looking like Robin Hood... I think the Century City Mall opens at 10 am and I will be first in line at the cheapest shoe store I can find...

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