Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tweens are AWESOME

A recent email from Ashleigh:

i'm IMing with my THIRTEEN year old cousin who strangely sounds all too much like my TWENTY 3 and 4 year old roomies...

ditonto19 (4:52:33 PM): hahah you have rob pattinson as your roomies are OBSESSED with twilight
youngun xox (4:54:05 PM): omghhh, im obssessed too <3>
youngun xox (4:54:29 PM): lol, its pretty funny i read the book and so the moviee twicee
youngun xox (4:54:43 PM): andd now im workingg on the second book
ditonto19 (4:54:54 PM): yeeeeah, my one roomie has read the whole series and seen it 3 times, but she's 24
youngun xox (4:55:14 PM): lol, apparentlyy we think very alikeeee
youngun xox (4:55:27 PM): im def planning on readingg the whole series
youngun xox (4:56:46 PM): and this grl trashedd talked rob and i kinda screamedd at her
ditonto19 (4:56:55 PM): that's not ok...he's perfect
youngun xox (4:57:02 PM): ik <33333333333>

please note that apparently tweens like to use multiple letters to express enthusiasm ie - alikeeeee, and screamedd - in case you want to start employing to completely transform into your tween selves.

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