Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, it’s been a week since my last post (embarrassingly Twilight related, although I can’t say I’m not surprised) and I may be on vacation but that doesn’t mean NO BLOGGING. I mean, imagine for a moment I was a successful writer with a blog read by hundreds of hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people (not just family and friends and friends of friends!) and then I would have some SERIOUS blog obligations.

Obviously, not my problem.

However, I feel like in the week since I’ve been back East there are a few things worth highlighting—and maybe I will resume my blogging regularity, much like the Huffington Post will resume issuing headlines of EXTREMEMLY DRAMATIC DOOM now that Christmas is over.

For starters, cold weather is AWESOME. I realize that many people might disagree with this opinion (that’s why it’s an opinion, DUH) but after being in LA for an extended period of time, the only cold we get there (which, yes, is cold) is nothing compared to the brisk temperatures of the Northeast—which I actually love. It felt so nice walking around New York City my first weekend back, all bundled up in the around-freezing temperatures.

Also worth noting: the cold weather does NOTHING to decrease my sweating, if anything it only exacerbates the problem. For example, on Monday I met two friends for lunch and was so bundled up that my quick walk to meet them resulted in excessive sweating (I’m sure the steamy Japanese restaurant contributed to the problem). This actually was a point of excitement for my friends, who were overjoyed to see my very hilarious discomfort by my sweaty forehead.

While New York is one of the best places to be to get a real taste of the holiday spirit, the crowds of people are miserable. I don’t do well in massively packed stores or anywhere with a line or anywhere with excessive amounts of uneducated tourists who ask dumb questions. For example:

While walking with my dad I was approached by a young lady who interrupted our conversation to ask,

“Do you know where I can find the U-G-G store?” She asked me.
“I’m sorry?” I replied (in confusion, befuddlement, and great annoyance).
“The U-G-G store?”
“Do you mean UGG?” I asked, sure she was referring to those ubiquitous boots, a pair of which I was wearing that very moment. For added emphasis I pointed to my own two feet, hopeful she could see the lovely logo which suggested it was one word and not three letters (spoken separately).
“No, U-G-G.”

Okay lady. SURE. Anyway, the conversation ended with me telling her she could probably find them at almost any shoe store in the city and we at last escaped having to discuss this very pertinent issue further. Wait what was the point of sharing this anecdote? Oh yeah, I find tourists annoying.

Another thing I noticed in New York, which was a very obvious contrast to LA, was that within my first 24 hours of being there it was obvious that New Yorkers are significantly more obsessed with talking about the economy than people in LA. Now certainly the lifestyle in these two cities has it’s vast differences and similarities, but I do feel there are different characteristics and sensibilities to each. In LA, it’s certainly a topic of conversation—I mean it’s unavoidable (see HuffPo headlines of doom), however in sunny Southern California, (or maybe it’s just in Hollywood) people are still talking about what they’ve also been—buying and selling scripts, the actors’ union, networking, new movies, and every person there who’s trying to live the dream. In New York, well, they’re obviously closer (geographically) to Wall Street but maybe the fact that it’s more of a well-rounded, diverse city (and I realize my view of the two is very biased, and one-sided, but this is my blog and my brief rant on people in NYC being obsessed with the economy so just keep your counterpoint arguments to yourself), but in this city it’s apparent every where that the RECESSION IS AT HAND. Stores are anywhere from 50-70% off, and almost any conversation I had with anyone alluded to the current financial crisis at some point. It was exhausting.

A nice reprieve from all this city living is Maine. Ah Maine, place of my birth, my upbringing, and my beloved Italian sandwich. True to its every slogan: Vacationland and The Way Life Should Be.

On a side note, if you're slow today (or slow in general) the post title alludes to airport codes. I have to be honest with you all, I didn't fly into JFK, I flew into Newark (but that doesn't look as pretty--I mean, Jersey? No offense Ditonto...). Oh and I took a bus from New York to Boston to Maine get home, but that doesn't look as pretty either.

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