Friday, December 26, 2008

And now, what you've ALL been waiting for!

So I bet you woke up yesterday morning and thought to yourself, I wonder if Annie got everything she asked for for Christmas (list refresher here). And let me tell you right now: I didn't.

But THAT, my friends, is OKAY. Of course it is! What would Christmas be without disappointment?

HOWEVER, let me tell you all about the exciting presents I did find under our tree this year.

(I should preface this by saying in my family it's a bit of an unconventional Christmas--my brother and I have our own traditions in the morning, then we spend the bulk of the day with family friends, and return home to find our dad and step-mom have dutifully played the role of Santa and our tree is once again replenished with gifts.)

This year Josh (my brother) and I decided that rather than spend money we don't have on gifts, let's be as frugal as possible. I gave him some scripts (because he is an ACTOR) and a $75 gift card to iTunes (that I obv didn't pay for--re-gifted company holiday bonus present, duh).

As for me?

As we ALL know (by we, I mean you, me and the handful of other readers of this here blog--a few of which have come out of the woodwork since I've been back in the hometown I might add) my tastes are not that different from that of a 12 year old boy, circa 1999. My big present from my brother was... a NINTENDO GAME CUBE! In fact, his Nintendo Game Cube, that he got for Christmas... circa 1999! YES. (Long time readers may recall I asked him for this like 6 months ago so it's about time he delivered.) Most exciting would be the games he included, and the only 4 I could possibly want:
The Mega Sonic Collection (I am SO going to re-beat Sonic 2),
MarioKart Double Dash (even better than the N64 version, I SWEAR),
Zelda (because I am SO Link--see previous post about LARPing outfit), and
Paper Mario which apparently is SWEET (direct quote from my SISTER--not really my sister but we call each other that OKAY--"i want to play paper mario sooooo bad. the possible combo of south park mediums and maaaaaaario make me quite giddy.")

ALSO, Josh gave me a comic book that has FANTASTIC FOUR AND IRON MAN which is AWESOME because I am starting to read more comic books (as opposed to only watching the movies--like I said, HUGE NERD).

When the parentalish units arrived, real presents came--such as tennis lessons (hurrah! It was on the list!), a gift certificate to LuLu Lemon (as was also asked for), and my most prized new possession--A BUTTER DISH (get excited, roommates!). There were other fun things, but I believe these are most worth noting. I did a handful of shopping in NYC prior to getting to Maine so I think all the new clothes are essentially Christmas presents as well (lotsa new shoes, Cowboy boots included).

It was a nice little Christmas this year--usually my brother and I get stressed out spending money we don't have on each other and this year it was awesome not to spend a dime. And the less presents you get the more you get to sleep in. WHICH IS AWESOME.

On a more serious note--it is SO nice to be home and to see all the friends and family I don't get to see during the rest of the year. I honestly love my community here in Maine and love running into so many people. The salt of the earth! And I love getting to where my BEAN BOOTS ALL THE TIME. BEAN BOOTS ARE AWESOME.

Well it's about 3pm here and I am still in my PJs. VACATION IS AWESOME!

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