Monday, December 29, 2008

Why Paper Mario runied my life

For those dutiful readers who follow my daily musings, there's a good chance most of you are back at work this week. I am not. It's awesome.

Thing is, I had serious plans to do lots of writing and blogging over this lovely vacation, but, clearly, I have not.

Instead, all free downtime at home has been spent playing Paper Mario, which is my new favorite video game. Yes, it is an RPG (role playing game, duh), but because it's Mario, I like to think it's less geeky than if I were playing say, Legend of Zelda (coming up next, however).

And fortunately, the chances of me showing up to work dressed like Mario are slim to none: I don't own blue overalls, and sadly (?) I can't grow a mustache.

And if you are at a total lost for what I am talking about, here's a little preview of the game, so you can better understand the completely useless way I am using my time.

In other news, I am going to be 25 in LESS THAN A WEEK. Not cool.

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