Thursday, December 11, 2008

Of Dreaming & Flying & Lateness

I was having the most glorious dream this morning. I was at Disneyland, or a dream version of Disneyland (I’ve never been) which was a strange, hallucinogenic like setting of very large and impressive old timey rides on beautiful hillside, near a castle by the sea. (Disclaimer, no drugs were involved with the making of this post). I don’t remember being with any friends or acquaintances in my actual life, but I definitely was with other people—enjoying the rides... the magic of it all... I was on one ride in particular that was sort of a cross between a chairlift and some sort of log chute ride and remember that it shot me into the air and the next thing I knew I was flying and it was MARVELOUS. The colors! The sounds! The feeling of the cool breeze as I easily passed through the air... and then next up was another ride... it was roller skating for wheat field (again, no drugs involved) and next thing I knew I could push off from my roller skates and I was up, up, up, and AWAY! Flying above the field, soaring, dipping, waving to my friends who were below. It was the most exhilarating feeling, truly magical. I didn’t want it to end!

Apparently I REALLY didn’t want it to end, because at a certain point I definitely had a weird moment of my dream state meeting my conscious mind, and I was essentially telling myself: “Keep sleeping! This is AWESOME! Your alarm will wake you up!”

Well as my sleep self and awake self continued to have this inner dialogue, I began to rouse and figured, sure why not wake up before my 7 am alarm today anyway. I slowly opened my eyes, feeling truly fantastic and looked over to see how early it was (figuring that after waking up around 6 am every day I probably was so accustomed to that time it must have been around then) only to see the menacing red of my alarm clock’s numbers staring back at me:

9:22 am

SHITFUCKER! SHITTER! MONKEY! I exclaimed, and I catapulted myself from my bed to my computer and emailed my boss that I would be late. Fortunately, she replied almost instantly, joking that she was wondering if I was late because I was spending a lot of time planning my outfit (to make up for the hilarity of yesterday’s). In about 20 minutes I pulled myself together (with a great outift I might add), and I even got my crazy hair semi-tame—which let me tell you, is a REAL feat, because I wake up with a serious rat’s nest every morning. Sure I rolled into work a solid hour later that I am supposed to, but I was feeling great—very well-rested.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I went to bed at 10:30 pm last night... so I got roughly eleven hours of sleep. Yes, eleven.

Only downside to all of this is that I’ve felt off all day, like really all over the place and scatterbrained, as though I didn’t know which was up and which was down... similar to that incredible flying dream...

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