Thursday, December 04, 2008

Reality TV gets REAL. Like MAINE real.

I should have known that spotting Frankie Delgado at The Grove last night was going to result in something.

Earlier this morning a friend sent me this email:

UMMMMM I am 99.9 percent sure that Alex Romanoff (former
Natural Helper) is on the new show Bromance.

He included a link to the preview for the new show Bromance (where Brody and Frankie try to fill the gaping hole that Spencer left when he crossed them and stayed with Heidi... or something... I don't even remember but it has something to do with The Hills, okay I'll embed the preview here)

Lo and behold it turns out we DID go to high school with one of the contestants (who I immediately friended on Facebook, because I am shameless) and one of our other friends used to shamelessly crush on him (she truly invented the word cougar because I am pretty sure he was a freshman when we were seniors and OMG in high school that is like so totes not PC) and we were all sort of in shock wondering what on Earth is this kid doing on the show and how can he get me Brody's number? (What? Brody's hot! Come on!)

Well then, thanks to team sleuthing and Facebook wall-stalking, another friend's sister pointed us to Alex's profile on, which says the following:

Alex hails from the backwoods of Maine and goes to college in New Hampshire. He may look totally tame, but don?t let the crew cut fool you. The self-proclaimed country boy, who has never been beyond Maryland, is an accomplished rock musician who tends to shed his clothes ... a lot. But that's not all; Alex also enjoys reading and writing poetry. Does this bad boy with a soft side have a chance at Bromance with Brody Jenner?

In response, my friend (she of the former crush and cougar tendencies) wrote:

"hails from the back woods of maine" seriously!? look buddy
you're not from aroostock. way to play it up.

Hahaha. (FYI, Aroostock is the largest county east of the Mississippi and yes it is really fucking backwoods). I would also like to ask how a crew cut could fool someone and express my worry at the line "tends to shed his clothes" because I will forever think of him as an awkward teener working on stage crew for the high school musicals. However, I will say I am most excited for whatever sort of publicity blitz this brings to our lovely hometown in Maine, and especially excited for the requisite Portland, ME bar outing this Christmas season, where he shall enjoy minor celebrity status and I might die of crappy reality TV heaven meeting all our humble beginnings in one sweaty bar called Gritty's. Oh this is going to be good.


Anonymous said...

I know that to some folk, crossin' the New Hamsha state line (and therefore leavin' the land of tax-free booze) is goin' up country down east and backwoods. 'Roostock is known as simply "the County" and generally implies the top half of Maine. There are no lobsters up there, just black flies and spuds. And some Penobscot and MicMac natives. It's a tahellandgone long drive from anywhere, including the backwoods of 04105, home zip of said Bromance wannabe. Btw, Bromance seems as creepy as Paris looking for her BBF.

Anonymous said...

I heard he cries on the show. no joke.