Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Clothing and Comfort and New Careers (maybe?)

Today I decided I need to step up my game in the outfit department. Recently I've been going REAL casual to work--pushing the limits with gladiator sandals, athletic t-shirts, etc. And I've been wearing a lot of brightly colored corodrouys (J. Crew, obv). So today I decided I was going to put a dress back on and some tights and I put on my new Marc Jacobs pumps that are so 80s and amazing and have Debbie Harry written all over them. Thing is though--when I get all dressed up I sort of realize that it's really not what I am meant to be wearing. I think I've spent the majority of the morning adjusting my dress, tights, and struggling to NOT fall over in 4 inch heels.

On Sunday I was walking around with two friends who were both in lovely girly outfits... well not even all that girly, but generally what normal females in their 20s might wear. I on the other hand was bopping around the posh shops on Montana in my tennis/workout/80s gear: sneakers, green gym shorts, turquoise thrift store sharks-wearing-sunglasses-tee, popped collar polo shirt over that, US Open baseball cap, Oakley Frogskin shades. Thing is, I might have looked really out of place (especially when we decided to hit up a bar around 3 pm) but I was in my ideal state of comfort. If I could wear workout clothes every day I would be a happy camper.

Maybe I should look into a career as a Phys Ed teacher? Discuss.

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FootLoose_FancyF3 said...

Gladiator sandals and Marc Jacobs pumps!?!? OMG you go girl!!