Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Dress to Stress

I forgot how to get dressed for work.

Now this probably won’t come as any surprise, seeing as I post frequently about my constant fashion faux-pas that are always work-outfit-related. Well this morning I legitimately took an hour trying and re-trying out different outfits, never satisfied and always feeling like I just look plain ridiculous.

What’s my problem?

Part of it is the weather. Just as I forgot how to dress to go out in Portland, Maine snow and ice, I have forgotten the winter attire of Southern California. My outfit today is representative of my confusion—a gray turtleneck sweater dress, belted with a thin gold braided belt, and patent leather nude round-toed pumps (J. Crew, bien sur). I am not wearing tights. Now, I would probably normally wear this dress with tights, maybe boots too and maybe sans belt. But this morning I was so confused/perplexed that I thought this might work?

The other part is because I didn’t get any new clothes for Christmas (just 15 pounds of shoes) and usually after a holiday break I’ve got enough new clothes to sustain me for a few days of fun outfits—which gets me back in the game. But now I am in this mess where I forgot how to turn my old clothes into viable work outfits.

As I so often say: I confused.

(And the lack of verb is intentional—really better to express the dire confusion).

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