Tuesday, January 06, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Have you been worrying that you might not get to hear what my New Year’s resolutions were? Well stop worrying because I am about to ROCK YOUR WORLD.

Actually, I am not, but I am going to enlighten you with my goals for 2009. Get ready for enlightenment:

1. Complete a body of work by year’s end. This can be an essay, a pilot, a screenplay, a book—something other than the blog, and something I might be interested in getting other people to read, so that maybe it will be published/sold/made/mocked/ridiculed/stolen/destroyed/applauded as genius.
2. Drink less alcohol. This is a little vague I realize, so I am thinking I might change this to one night a week. But then I wonder is that feasible? No I can handle that. Yeah. Drink less.
3. Get my shit together. This I have already failed miserably, both in my New Year’s Day all day drinking (to delay hangover—okay so I have failed Resolution #2 as well), and in the fact that I left my computer on the plane Sunday. Oh and also in my inability to properly dress myself. Perhaps my shit will never get together.

Okay so I guess that it’s it. I think #1 is the only real attainable goal, but I think it’s a good one. Maybe?


Nathaniel said...

Hahaha Garrett and Danny were singing "tits on a plate" to the tune of dick in a box about your New Years outfit all day on Thursday.

Nathaniel said...

Kwanzaa... Tits on a plate