Friday, January 23, 2009

Musings on a Friday Morning

Skiing may be off tomorrow, but we'll substitute it with some tennis? The weather here is a bit frustrating--it's raining here but apparently there's nothing happening in the mountains, not even snow-making. I'm not going to go blow some money on a pointless ski day. Ugh I wish Mammoth were closer to LA.

I am suddenly really interested in the show Bones. I always hear good things about it, and the few clips I've watched (including, embarassingly, some YouTube compilations highlighting the romantic tension between the two main leads) make it seem like my kind of show. But honestly, who has time to pick up a new show and catch up, especially four seasons in? Especially when that person has big plans to do lots of important and life-changing writing.

The freak summer weather is gone and it's winter again with gray skies, spurts of rain showers and temperatures in the.... 60s. Okay, still not REAL winter here, but colder than it has been. Maybe that's better, as I've been behaving like I'm on summer vacation since I got back to LA after the holidays.

I have a whole bunch of new life plans. It started after yet another existential crisis, but now these plans seem to be just the trick... essentially I would leave LA in late Fall (another cross country road trip, but this time I am bloggin it!) be home for the holidays and take off for my next destination Winter 2010. And what is this new future home away from home? At the moment I am hoping to move somewhere in Europe, preferably London, Geneva or Paris. If I can't get a job that appeals, I am considering taking a year, packing a backpack with a few belongings, getting a nice camera, and moving to Costa Rica (or somewhere else in Central or South America) where I am going to live, write, observe, and adventure. I'm also considering the Peace Corps... anyone have any suggestions/leads?

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