Thursday, January 22, 2009

Are you interested in bible prophecy?

Stop whatever you are doing and go to

Take a moment.

Come back.


How did this happen? Well in my usual attempt at self-promotion I was directing a new friend, J.Le (that's pronounced JAY LAY... don't ask) to Jaw Wired Shut (which, btw, seems to be malfunctioning on the simple WORLD WIDE WEB URL-- domain whozeewhatsee I purchased last year, so if anyone can offer up any suggestions that would be much appreciated--just think of all the suckers with my business cards!) and somehow she found this "logspot" place that appears to be the MEGA site of Bible studies.

This suspicious site claims:

(1) On this page an INCREDIBLE TESTIMONY of a former doubter of the bible.
(2) “PROOF” THE BIBLE IS TRUE + What the future holds
(3) GOD’S PLAN OF SALVATION & bible reading guidelines.
(4) PERSECUTIONS AND PROBLEMS a born-again Christian can expect.


Some thoughts:
I am glad it is the MEGA site. Because big, large, grand or amazing would not do.
I enjoy the use of sporadic ALL CAPS. LIKE ME!
I happen to be a religion minor. Coincidence?
In a (strange?) twist, I am of Christian orientation. Mayhaps this is God's way of being like "hey, Stamos, keep up the good work" or "F-U Stamos I'm using your low-trafficked site to get some more people interested in the Bible. And ME."
The above point might be considered blasphemous.
I don't really care much about blasphemy.
I would enjoy talking about heresy because I think that's a more exciting adjective to label someone with: HERETICS.
I am very full from lunch.
I'm tired.
Diet Coke is refreshing in the afternoon.
I need to find a new deodorant.

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