Thursday, January 29, 2009

Possible new job?

Checkout this Craigslist posting:

Wanted: Human Sounding Board

Don't worry, I don't expect you to look like a cello. And the only things I'll bounce off you are my thoughts, doubts, and feelings re my current career and life. Then, like a true Stradivarius sounding board , you will reflect my "tune" back station to me in a clear, true, way which will enable me to more clearly see what I'm really saying.

The qualifications for the job are simple:You understand the preceding paragraph. And can tell me why you do.

If you get all of this, you will probably be highly successful at what you do and expect to be fairly compensated. You will be. Thoughtful and clear replies welcome. Therapists, life and career coaches (certified or not), hypnotists, Law of Attraction experts, MDs,PhDs, Ivy League grads,and cellos need not apply.

First of all. I fit the bill. I mean I may not be a practicing therapist per se, but (and excuse the self-call) I like to think I am an excellent sounding board for both colleagues and friends--and I totally GET what this person is looking for (I often go to my close friends for such things)therefore I might be the perfect candidate for this fascinating position. I wonder what it pays...

On second thought, maybe this life coach seeker is looking for the wrong thing--aren't friends sounding boards? Mine can be. And family members too... And if you want someone removed from the situation then go see a shrink! Now I find this posting HIGHLY suspect. But I still want to know what the compensation is...

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