Friday, January 30, 2009

The 80s are back. No, for real.

Front page of The Huffington Post this morning:

My first thought? AWESOME. Then I realized this wasn't a big rally of excitement for the return of neon, spandex, and Ray Bans (which apparently have already returned thanks to all those asshat hipsters), but in fact the return of a Regan-like era chock full of economic downturns every which way. And apparently E.T. and David Hasselhoff.

WAIT A MINUTE. HuffPo is so hilariously misleading. The actual article this headline links to is isn't about a sudden 80s time warp, just more of the same blah blah blah we're totally fucked blah blah blah. They just wanted an excuse to put up a photo of pre-nose job, pre-crazy Michael Jackson. NICE TRY HUFFPO.

I'm going to go envision an articel that is REALLY about the BADASS 1980s, not this shitstorm financial crisis.

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