Monday, February 02, 2009

January Recap: Good for the times, Bad for the health/wallet

So it's February. And I am getting a late start on that universal New Year resolution to eat healthier/exercise more/blah blah blah.

January was quite the epic bender of a month. Which sure, was fun--I mean it warranted weddings, $40 winnings at the race track (Saturday), some great photos, some memories (or lack thereof), some new adventures... but as I spend yet another Monday sporting a fierce beer tan and fighting off the occasional spins, I have to GET REAL with myself.

SELF: Get real. Sure day drinking is fun and awesome and who doesn't love a cool beverage on a casual Saturday afternoon but that does not mean that tequila shots at 1:30 pm on a Sunday are okay, even if the Superbowl is on.

Actually, whatever--I'm 25. Who cares. Yeah, I took a party bus Saturday night to some crazy bar that felt like one of the basements of an off-campus house in Middbleury. And I did spend most of Saturday at the race tracks. And yesterday I hosted a Superbowl party with the roommates, and sure, maybe I didn't eat one real meal yesterday except a whole lot of beer dip and some Swedish meatballs. All worth it.

But from here on out I'm going to cool it a little... no more day drinking and no more Sunday Fundays. The roomies and I are also considering some sort of juice cleanse or something... really anything to avoid the sensation of walking to the office on a Monday morning and feeling the need to keep sunglasses on, even at my desk, because maybe they're also invisibility shades...

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