Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Your First Twilight-related post of 2009

Don’t worry, I still love Twilight (I bet you were really worried). I must admit my zeal has faded, as other things begin to occupy my attention span, but it’s going to be a long-standing love affair, of that I am sure.

The night of the eve of my birthday I was outwith my dad and step-mom and one of my best friends in New York, enjoying a lovely dinner at my favorite NYC joint for steak au poivre, when my dad decided it was the perfect time to give me some presents. He handed me a small, flat purple bag and said,

“This is your big present.”

Which was obviously a joke because he’s very easy to read, especially when he’s pleased with himself and his stupid jokes (I do the exact same thing, FYI).

I started to rip into the paper and caught about two words I recognized, stopped opening and said,


My friend, who was sitting next to me but had not seen the contents of my “big” birthday present then said,

“It’s Twilight related, isn’t it?”

Yep. It was. It was a Twilight bookmark, with the poster shot on one side and the other side had a movie quote, which is what I recognized.

So I decided that rather than use it as a bookmark, which I am likely to lose, why not turn it into a lovely cubicle decoration.

Et Voilà:

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