Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Morning Conversations (about nightmares mostly)

9:29 AM
me: i just remembered i had a TERRIFYING nightmare last night
Ashleigh: hahah
me: there was an earthquake and we were in someone elses apartment and the building collapsed and then burned to the ground but we escaped but then i think we were running from looters (maybe vampires?) in the street
Ashleigh: we fought in my dream
like for days
like screaming
Ashleigh: i think you punched me
me: oh no!
9:30 AM
it was terrible
i was really hjappy when i woke up
me: that IS terrible!
Ashleigh: i think it's cause i borrorwed your shantaram without asking and in the dream you said i should have put a book cover on it so it didn't get ruined
me: haha i would say something like that
Ashleigh: and then i yelled about my scarf with your perfume but it turned into us just going at it about how we drive and talk
it was horrible
i wanted to hug you when i woke up
9:31 AM
awwww virtual hug?

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