Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Worth Noting

1.) Per last night's terrible dream I've spent some time googling Earthquake Phobia this morning (also known as Seismophobia). In addition to that nightmare, I keep having sensations where I feel rumblings and I am convinced we're about to have a big quake. The dream was super realistic though--very scary. Took a strange turn with the looters/vampires.

Oh wait a minute. I watched an episode of Buffy last night in which there was an earthquake. Well that explains the vampires and the dream... and my general phobia contributed I am sure.

2.) I am channeling my inner hipster today with a flea market men's plaid shirt that I've belted with a thin braided gold belt, skinny gray corduroys and gold ballet flats. Normally when I wear this shirt sans belt I just look like a boy, so I'm hoping the gold flare ads a feminine touch. Undetermined thus far.

3.) I have the thinnest traces of a hangover this morning due to drinks last night with co-workers, followed by trivia with friends (we came in 3rd after most incredible comeback). The downside of all this (besides slight headache) is that it felt like a Friday when I woke up. Sadly, it's not.

4.) Twitter addiction continues. And I designed my own layout. It's a little too me-centric but I wasn't really sure on Twitter etiquette when it comes to design.

5.) Anyone catch Jindal's rebuttal last night? Or has anyone not seen the amazing internet lampooning he's receiving this morning? Loving the Kenneth the Page comparisons...

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Legend said...

earthquake phobia. it's just part of the deal when you live in the west coast. embrace it.

try having sleep paralysis on a semi-regular basis. look it up. it ain't no joke.