Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twitter Campaign

My latest goal is to get more of my friends/contacts onto Twitter. It really is revolutionizing online media and is such a fascinating tool, especially for people in the press world and for writers--I think this is going to blow up soon, if it hasn't already. And I don't think it has because Twitter's main demo is Gen X (I was reading somewhere that the average Twitter user is 31). Gen Y, what's going on? You are missing out! Of my roommates, Annie is on it and we've been going back and forth a little bit, but Ashleigh refuses (so far, but I think we'll convince her). In fact, she just sent me this someecard:

I then threatened to make an account for her, considering I know all her passwords and as she is a manic Gchat status updater I would have plenty of material for updates. But I'm too self-absorbed at the moment to really get into identity theft. I figure when she realizes that Annie and I are just really leaving her out of a lot of inside Twitter jokes she'll finally cave and want in. As for the rest of you--get on Twitter, check out who I am following if you need ideas... and go from there!

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