Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wardrobe Tales

So today I decided to spruce things up a little bit. We're talking clothes here, FYI.

My standard work outfit, now that I've hit that post-six months slump is corduroys, a sweater, ballet flats. And I have enough of the same of those three items to mix and match and essentially wear different colors of each, however I'm getting a little tired of my laziness and tendency to repeat clothes a lot. So like, I said, today I decided to mix things up... sort of. Occasionally I think, okay I work at this trendy office place so I am going to bust out my inner-trendy/fashionable girl and get after it. Hence today's outfit choice: Burgundy t-shirt dress, opaque black tights, black ankle booties. Very dark.

Usually I am wearing a lot of green and turquoise and hot pink. Anyway... I went into the bathroom a minute ago and realized that this lovely t-shirt dress is less of a dress and more of, well, a t-shirt. It's from American Apparel and for some reason I thought it had a little more shape to it... turns out it doesn't. And I didn't belt it or anything so it just looks like I am wearing a big t-shirt and no pants. Which is awkward. So this whole "spruce things up a bit" might not be working in my favor.

I can guarantee tomorrow it will be back to cords and flats and a cable knit... hey, I tried!

Oh here's the shirt dress--although sans belt it looks nothing like it does on this trampy Am App model.

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