Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food Coma

Had one of those monthly lunches with co-workers (gotta love corporate bonding) and I am now suffering a severe food coma. WHAT DID I HAVE FOR LUNCH? I will tell you. I split (with my friend who I shall refer to as V) a salad and a turkey burger and both were delish. And now I just want to take a little sleep on my desk. However, I do believe that sort of thing is frowned upon.

In other news, I just read a fascinating New Yorker piece that, among other things, looked at the longstanding pop culture obsession with vampires. It's really an astute point. Which makes me wonder, what IS IT with people loving vampires? I mean shit I would be all about having a forbidden love with Edward Cullen or Angel ANY day (but not that Bill dude on True Blood, he's gross), so my next question is, does that make me extra weird? (I say EXTRA because I am already regular weird). Maybe I am just a hopeless romantic? (Ew. I also like a nice steak and long walks on the beach). Maybe I am a tween? Maybe I should go write some shitty fan-fiction and publish millions of books to angsty tweens/housewives Twilight style? I mean, think about it. Anytime anyone writes a book or creates a film that has something to do with vampires people go nutso for it. Clearly, the human inclination is for a sadistic obsession with a blood-sucking demon, so perhaps I should look for a way to capitalize on our perverse nature.

Anyway I have big plans tonight to purchase a tennis skirt and tennis shoes. See, now that I am SERIOUS about tennis (and seriously less terrible than I was--still moderately terrible, though) I need to start looking the part a little more. This doesn't mean I will cease attending classes in various themes (various themes usually translate to anything 80s when it comes to me), but I need some more appropriate/practical clothes (aka a pair of shoes that prevents me from falling, which almost happened in Sunday's lesson).

Okay I have to go procrastinate some and then I have to stare blankly at my computer screen and then I have to daydream and then I have to think about doing work and then I am going to have to do all the work I have to do in the last hour during which I am supposed to be here.


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