Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pet Peeves (Part Five of an Endless, Multi-Part Series)

Pet Peeve:
You know when you go to the bathroom and there’s a fresh roll of toilet paper? I’m talking brand spanking new. So new, in fact, that to access the first square you sort of have to detach it on the perforated edge—but then it gets complicated because for some reason that first square is always extra sticky and you are sort of clawing at it, and then you have to rip into the toilet paper from the side so then you just end up shredding it and ultimately you get way more squares than you actually need but it’s all shredded and stuff and by the time you are done the toilet paper rolls looks like a cat has attacked. Ugh. That’s so annoying

Pet Peeve:
Pink Eye. Pink Eye sucks. I am prone to pink eye. I haven’t gotten it in a while though (might be the longest time I’ve gone without). I think the last time was the summer of 2007. I remember I got it twice when I was studying in Paris and thanks to social healthcare I was able to easily prance into a pharmacy, announce “J’ai conjunctivise” and get some eye drops for about 5 Euros, no problem. Not so much here. Here you actually have to wait for your eye to be seriously red and watery before a doctor will treat you. My roommate Annie has it though and I am definitely starting to come down with it. I couldn’t sleep last night because I had an irrational fear of my eye sticking shut. This morning it wasn’t looking promising, which means no make-up and scaring co-workers with that glassy eyed “I’m either high or about to start crying” look.

Actually, in a related note, this brings me to another pet peeve—people who are like “EW OMG PINK EYE THAT’S GROSS.” GET OVER IT you squirmish pricks. Yeah, it’s conjunctivitis and it’s weird and if it gets really bad your eye gets crusty and you have to pry it open in the morning. DEAL WITH IT.

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